Hustine CAANE

Hustino Alexander Mitchell

(CEO/Co-Founder/Sugarman )

Born: 1978, Philadelphia: Italian/Irish/Ukrainian ("Colombian Gringo")

Education: Master’s of Interior Architecture (RISD / Rhode Island School of Design) - BFA, Sculpture (UARTS)

Fact: Hustine’s birth name is Justin, he eats sauerkraut with all meals, and sour beer is his new fascination.

Karina CAANE

Karina Restrepo Mitchell


Born: 1980, Colombia:                     (American Citizen since 2015)

Education: Engineer (EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia)

Fact: Karina & Hustine married in Cartagena, Colombia, 2013 and now have a 6-month old daughter, Paloma.


Todd Andrew Harris


Born: 1978, Philadelphia: Irish/English

Education: Executive MBA (Villanova) - B.S.B.A Accounting (Shippensburg University)

Fact: Todd & Hustine have been step-brothers “brothers” and best friends since they were two years old.